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Chinese online courses
Self-paced learning program. Learn at your own pace, at a time that suits you, with support from our team of teachers.
One-time online meetings on various topics and for different levels. We develop important speaking skills and practice in a light, informal atmosphere with other students.
Your personal tutor
Individual lessons with a personal teacher, tailored to your needs. You choose the teacher, time and number of lessons.
Chinese study groups
Small groups of 5−6 people. A variety of activities and interactions with fellow students. This is an excellent opportunity to practice lessons learned during live communication in Chinese.
Development of fundamental knowledge of grammar and vocabulary

Improving reading and writing skills through analysis of texts of various styles

Enriching vocabulary and learning complex grammatical structures

Improving oral speech and practicing communication in Chinese
Self-paced online courses
Our programs are adapted for students of all levels: from beginners to advanced.
China Lover
Ideal for those who want to master basic Chinese

Vocabulary and phrases for successful communication in everyday life and travel

Game formats exploring the geography of China

Practice in dialogues, deepening into Chinese traditions and values
and cultural features
HOLY China
China ART
7 700 ₽
9 900 ₽
11 500 ₽
Immerse yourself in the world of Chinese art and culture

Analysis of pictorial styles, movements and history of Chinese graphics and sculpture

Development of vocabulary in the field of art criticism and analysis of works

Visiting virtual museums and galleries, discussions about contemporary art in China
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students from zero to HSK 5
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Ira Rogova
Svyatoslav Bely
Andrey Zaitsev
Completed the China Lover course and went on a trip to China
I took the China Art course and drowned in the subtleties of oriental art
Completed the China Lover course and started purchasing in China
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The first lesson is free!
Our students fall in love with the course from the first lesson.
You have to try this one!
The first lesson is free!
Our students fall in love with the course from the first lesson.
You have to try this one!
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